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The Start - £300 & my mum's kitchen

Picture: First SL post!

This week’s blog post will take us right back to the beginning of Sweet Life back in November 2019. I remember chatting to a couple of friends about wanting to set up a Pick & Mix company, sharing all these crazy ideas. After mentioning it several times, especially to my partner Carl, he said are you bothering then? I am never one to turn down a challenge and decided that I would put some of these crazy ideas into motion.

To say I didn’t have a clue how to run a business would be a very large understatement (still to this date I am learning everyday, that never stops), but I had some support behind me in terms of people who were self-employed and ran their own businesses. However, I was very quick to realise I probably needed a name for my business (first class degree not going to waste here). I had plenty of things written down on a mind map (the teacher in me) including such things as Sweet AF (incorporating my initials), The Sweet Shot & Sweet Sanctuary. Being a lover of soul, being from Wigan, the play on Street Life by Randy Crawford swung it for me. And there we had it, the start of what was going to be a very unexpected & quick building of Sweet Life Online.

During the first few weeks of Sweet Life, I didn’t have much idea on what I was doing and knew I would have to run the business from my kitchen as premises was not even a thought. I spent £300 on sweets & packaging, designed a logo on canva, set up the socials and launched it (just local deliveries in the Wigan area). I remember sitting nervously as I shared it on my personal account and obviously the support of my lovely family and friends sharing it also. Never underestimate the powering of sharing – it can change everything for a small business which has just taken you a few seconds to share. Support small.

To my complete surprise it didn’t take long for the first order to come. PING someone wants to send you a message– my first order! I was SO excited. It was my sister, Hannah. The first Sweet Lifer, starting the cogs turning. I think from then on in the first months or so of building Sweet Life, it turned into being my friends and family ordering from me in support… but an unexpected turn was about to happen.

Read about that turn in my next blog post, but let’s just say if you’ve got a good feeling about something and you want it. You’ll make it happen.

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