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Chasing the dream, one mix at a time

So for my mum’s sanity and my dad’s waistline, we managed to find a unit and moved the sweet shop there from the beginning of April. (Carl put us a little edit together which I have attached if you fancy a gander at our move – please keep in mind it took us around 15 trips, not just the 1 haha!) To say I never expected it to grow this quickly would be an understatement, but due to us still using our cars to drop off in the local area and royal mail having such trouble there was no room to grow outside of Wigan. This is where a courier service and a website were now a necessity. My DMs were full and we’d drank Wigan’s petrol supply dry.

Having such good people around me helped a lot during this time. After speaking to one of our friends, Brad, (who is very technically literate, unlike me ) he threw us together a website fit for purpose and it couldn’t come quick enough. I had used every notebook paperchase had to offer and written more than my time in school. No more order book! I remember turning the website on to trial it to see if it would accept payments. As Carl was buying a cheeky mystery mix, an order came through. In the space of that 2 minute period, someone had managed to get on the website and order. I couldn’t believe it. This gave me an idea of the kind of carnage that would happen when I notified people the website was live. Not only this, we now managed to secure a deal with a courier and therefore could ship all over the UK with next day delivery. Not quite Amazon speed, but we took it. And we were excited, however a little nervous.

The moment we released the information on socials that the website was live was mental. Not only could we now take locals, we could now ship all over the UK using a next day service. After the website being on for a night, I decided we had to cap it. I didn’t even know if we had enough sweets or bags, so many newbie to business errors were made in this time, but it helps you learn. Winging everything massively. The next day was carnage. I remember running around the unit, mixes everywhere trying to form some organisation, whilst Carl tried and worked the new online delivery system. Obviously, didn’t want to play did it so he began to manually input everyone’s data whilst I tried to turbo bag over 150 orders. Not bags, orders. People were ordering several bags per order, toilet roll got nothing on us for stock piling.

That day I learned a big lesson – know what you can and cannot turn around. It was simple, we had taken on too much and it wasn’t possible to get all the orders out. One due to time, and two due to the fact we had ran out of sweets. Not ideal, but I had a delivery of sweets expected that evening so knew we could get them out the following day. However, that decided not to turn up so a drive to Manchester was just what was also needed on this day. On our return, we sat in the unit and ate pizza. We talked about what we could possibly do if this was to continue. It just wasn’t manageable at all, so we decided that we would constantly cap the website to ensure we could manage and ensure people were still getting the service we wanted them to receive.

Now, it was time to see if this would continue and whether this would mean a complete change in my life. The ability to leave my current job and take Sweet Life to the next level by giving it my undivided attention. The dream was being well and truly chased, one mix at a time.

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